You Comfort your machine to conserve Energy.

First measure Energy to Manage & Minimize


  •  The less difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures of your AC room, the lower will be energy consumption of AC and it is better for our health Too. Keep the difference to minimum practical possible. Our human body gets affected when we move in and out between extremes of 40*C harsh ambient outside and finger biting cold temperature of 20*C plus. Practically speaking, the difference in temperature from outside to inside can be 10 * C only for smooth change over.
  • An AC unit operating in the shade uses as much as 10% less electricity than the same one operating in the sun. Comfort it first & to save more. The high side of the split or the back side of window AC can be provided with cost effective Asbestos shelter. AC efficiency improves by this shelter and the same can be seen from day one in the hour meter hooked on to the AC unit. Did you see how many AC work harder under scorching temperatures especially in open terrace of your buildings?
  • Using ceiling or room fan allows you to set the thermostat higher because the air movement will cool the room. Do use ceiling fan after cooling the roof.  It will allow setting the thermostat at a higher temperature.
  • You can reduce air conditioners’ energy by 30 per cent by shading your windows and walls. Trees and shrubs keep the day's hottest sun off.
  • A good air conditioner will cool and dehumidify a room in about 30 minutes. Is your AC good working?
  • Desk plants are radiation filters! - A plant on your desk acts as a natural filter, absorbing airborne pollutants and computer radiation while replenishing oxygen levels. This is not told for sake of Vaasthu.
  • Courtesy BEE, PCRA, EB, ET sources. Thanks for visiting the site
  • Clean the air-conditioner filter every month. A dirty air filter reduces airflow and may damage the unit. Clean filters enable the unit to cool down quickly and use less energy. Dirty filter makes you sick too.
  • Our human body temperature is 37*C we have to set our Air Conditioners at 10* minus our body temp. 27*C (instead of 22* C setting now). Mild and gentle Cool air breeze coupled with ceiling fan is better to health than Cold blast of air & this result in 15 % power savings.
  • If room air conditioner is older and needs costly repair, it's likely to be very inefficient. It may work out cheaper on life cycle costing to buy a new energy-efficient air conditioner.
  • In the water coolers used in the office areas, the user likes to take ice cold water from the water cooler. This is bad for dental health. The temperature setting is adjusted such that the water temperature is around 17*C that is 20* minus the human body temperature.
  • The power circuit to Air conditioner, water cooler etc to be switched off after the evening office hours. You find many fire hazards due to short circuit or malfunction of electrical distribution do happen in unmanned areas after office hours. If protection circuits are active, they don’t happen. Safer bet is to switch off heavy appliances when not required.
  • When safety fails, conservation fails and pollution / hazard starts. Now the harmonics are either generated or manipulated from many of the electrical loads like PC, tube light ballast, Electronic modules etc. So it better to take service of  Power Quality Experts in your premises, study the Harmonics, spikes, surges etc and take adequate precaution. That is to arrest the quality problems at the source points where they originate... So kindly pay attention to the Total Harmonic Distortion THD and check your electrical gadgets are within the threshold harmonic limits.


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