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  • Check the color of flame in the LPG stove. It must be Bright Blue color. If is orange, yellow or non- uniform then your burner needs cleaning. For any equipment the loss is more and frequently occurring at the point of distribution only. LPG loss happens more at Burner, the point of distribution.
  • Use wide bottomed shallow vessel of breadth 10 inches or 25mm above burner so that flame is spreads only at bottom & not creeping on its sides this will reduce your cooking time and the kitchen also does not get hot.  See today the flame in your stove and your vessels wide enough to cover the flame. It is a good practice to cover cooking vessels and pans with a lid, as an open vessel loses heat to the atmosphere, which means a waste of fuel.
  • Whenever you change the cylinder to the stove, first write with a wet chalk piece the date of taking the new cylinder on cylinder wall. You must know number of days each cylinder supplying gas to your house.
  • A coating of undissolved salts is usually found on the insides of kettles and Cookers. Even 1 mm millimeter thick coating can reduce the flow of heat to the vessel’s contents. This increases your fuel consumption by as much as 10%. Remember Cooking vessels should always be scrubbed clean.
  • Make full use of pressure cooker. It takes only one third of time compared to conventional cooking Pressure cookers used with separators lead to substantial fuel saving. Locate the separators now.
  • LPG SAFETY: - This Liquefied Petroleum Gas is a clean high octane eco-friendly fuel. LPG in gaseous state is nearly twice as heavy as air. Any leakage of LPG.  Therefore, tends to settle down at floor level, particularly in depressions, pits, drains etc. Ground level ventilation to disperse leaking gas & prevent accumulation is therefore most important. LPG can be ignited by static electric charges, tiny sparks, etc.
  • Vaasthu rules reflect safety. Keep your kitchen or back door closed in the evening. First thing in the morning is to open the back door or window at kitchen and start your morning duty. This habit makes the lady not to switch on kitchen lights first, but first open the natural lighting & ventilation and resume.
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  •  However, liquid LPG is almost half as heavy as water. Liquid LPG when expanded generates 250 volumes of gaseous LPG. That is 1 liter LPG liquid gives out 250 liters of LPG gas.  For comparison sake, you must know 1 KG of LPG is 11000 Kilo calories where as 1unit of Electricity is 860 Kilo calories only. The leakage of liquid LPG is therefore very dangerous. Have you capped your LPG cylinder not in use?
  • In the commercial establishments & canteens etc, Use LPG flow metering and Digital weigh scales to weigh your cylinder. They are available for few thousand Rupees. This is worth the buy, considering the huge consumption you do it commercially. You can account for what work you have consumed so much.
  • As a domestic consumer, please think of the subsidy we receive, when compared to a commercial consumer. So to reciprocate the same, it is our duty to conserve the usage of LPG cylinder in our kitchen use; so delay & extend the date of refill. The more the days, we take to refill shows our usage efficiency.
  •  Kindly remember more than the half the export earnings got by India is spent towards this crude & LPG import bill. Please keep in mind the fossil fuel like crude etc is fast depleting in India and globally. Hence, the thrust idea is to conserve in electricity, petrol, diesel and LPG etc this is the Cheap & Best Energy Source now available in our hand and it is up to us to fully make use of Conservation everywhere.
  • Apart from cooking, we have other appliances like mixi, grinder etc and please look into the safety aspects. . Any abnormal heat or sound symptoms of the same from the power point socket, wire, and at the appliance show that the appliance is losing energy first and later will fail. So it is better to act before.


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