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First measure Energy to Manage & Minimize


  • Kindly look into your Electricity bill and from the total EB units consumed, and try to understand the power consumption pattern. After having understood the power consumption pattern, analyze the consumption pattern and identify points of wastage, and take suitable steps to avoid this wastage, and improve upon the inefficient usage of our existing appliances, which consume more now.
  • You know that every drop counts. It’s the same when you account for your home’s total electricity consumption: it is the sum of many appliances’ consumption, from small to large & saving is possible. This paper covers domestic, commercial & office building usages & associated savings.
  • Slim tube lights give better light and consume less electricity. Rs.80/- worth 36 watt tube light gives 3200 lumens of light. Hence we get power saving and increase in lighting efficiency i.e. higher lumens per watt. This is applicable to offices and commercial establishments where in day tube lighting is there.
  • In offices, why we give importance to illumination is that lighting level requirement depends on age of person. A 50 year old man needs thrice the lighting lumens level i.e. three times the light needed by a 30 year old man. Older people 60 & above need double the lighting lumens needed by 50 year old man.
  •  Lighting is a Soft load in Electrical distribution. Install Servo Stabilizer to give safe regulated voltage of 210 Volts for safe lighting and reducing the tube light inventory  & 15 % power saving
  • Grab daylight by using light-colored, loose-weave curtains on your windows to allow daylight to penetrate the room. Also, decorate with lighter colors that reflect daylight inside the premises.
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  • In commercial segment, avoid neon sign boards. Use white LED sign boards and consume only one tenth of neon power. Show case to others that you are into Conserve Mode.
  • Sunlight is available abundantly free of cost. Make maximum use of daylight and reduce the use of artificial light. Use light from windows. Natural light is more efficient than electric, not to mention free.
  • Use light colored walls and ceilings. Paint and decorate in light colors. Dark colors absorb light. Light colors reflect light. The lighter the colors, the less artificial lighting is required to illuminate the area. Think about illumination concept & lighting control system for a new installation well in advance
  • Lighting devices like bulbs and tube lights consume energy according to their capacities. A so-called zero watt bulb consume 12 to 15 watts / hour. In our old watt hour meter, this zero bulb did not record KW.
  •  Now the new electronic meter records even the small and minute loads and hence the public complain that they show 15 % more than the previous meter. Actually, now only our domestic electronic power meter records what we consume correctly. So let us pay for what we have received and consumed.
  • Dirty tube light & bulb reflects less light; they can absorb 50 per cent of light. So Dust them regularly. Also if you find the white wall has gone grey on top of the choke, also some tube light when you switch on with old choke, they make heavy humming noise, killing the silence. Then it is time to replace the choke.
  • Think of buying Emergency torchlight, Standby lights using LED based. They consume only one third of the power and give back up for long hours. You know now, Traffic signals now glow better with LED lights consuming one tenth of neon power and the count down timer reduces pollution at road signals.
Enhancing lighting efficiency is one of the easiest ways to lower energy bills.


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