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  • Car owners need to plant 17 trees every year to counter the greenhouse emissions of their cars. Trees give many benefits for decades to us and even to our great grand children.
  • Be local, buy local - The blueberries in your cereal may have traveled thousands of kilometers to get to your bowl. Buy local produce. It conserves fuel, cuts pollution & boosts local economy.
  • In your vehicle, Air filter prevents dust from fouling the engine.  Dust causes rapid wear of engine components and increases fuel consumption. Remember Cylinder bores wear out 45 times faster in engines without air-cleaners. Please clean air filters regularly and frequently depending on your usage.
  • The condition of your Spark plug will tell you about the inside Engine Condition. The plug when removed from engine; reveals that it is Normal or Fouled by oil or Fouled by soot or Overheated. If normal means engine is healthy. In  other three abnormal conditions, engine is not healthy and consume more petrol
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  • When you travel in your vehicle on the road around 40 km per hour, you are like sitting in an imaginary chair and moving at a speed of 40 feet per second. You should be surprised just by the twist of your wrist, your Chair has moved to 40 feet in a second. Always be alert & cautious at higher speeds.
  • Imagine when you zip past at speed of 40 feet per second, the wearing of helmet is necessary. But more important, is your eyes safety. Your eyeballs face directly the impact of speed and by nature, your eye brows converge to protect. But what you must do today is to buy big Sun glasses to protect your eyes against traffic speeds and sunlight related radiation hazards.  Eyes are soft & precious. Take care.
  • If you analyze why accidents happen in the road because, when we go in straight line, there is less problem anticipated. But when you just slightly turn your vehicle right or left side, without looking your rear view mirrors, then definitely you are more prone to accidents on road.
  • It is irony that many two wheelers on roads don’t have rear view mirrors The moment you start your vehicle from your house, clean your rear view mirrors first (always you find full of clouds once you are back home in previous evening) and check at your regular sitting position in the vehicle, you are able to see the rear view completely through the two left and right rear view mirrors.
  • You may be a Banker, Engineer or Lawyer by profession. But your frame of mind on the road is that you’re a road user. You are a Sama Anniyan that is Saamaniyan, after all; one among the road crowd. Give respect and take respect to the other road users. Be alert to the road happenings around you.
  • At times, when you go at higher speeds on the road, just think! “In a second, if I apply my brake, when will my vehicle stop to stand still, and after how many feet ahead after how many seconds later?”  Accidents happen in road not only due to unsafe condition of the road, but also due to our self- centered thinking,  being extra confident and extra casual in our approach to others in the road.
  • Presently, the digital count down timer LEDs consumes 10 watts only at traffic signal (compared to old neon bulbs which consumed 100 watts each). They have helped to reduce to pollution at the traffic signal.  We switch off our vehicle at the road signal now. And previously the vehicle was always ON with one hand accelerating & other hand braking. Then & there, we lost petrol on idling our engine.
  •   But at the road signal now also, Out of 10 vehicles, say 8 vehicles switch off on seeing the count down timer of above 40 sec. The remaining 2 vehicle owners are afraid to stop the vehicle because if they switch it off, they are not sure whether it will re-start in one kick or button press! So, better condition your vehicle so that it is in your control and you are confident of its running on roads.


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