You Comfort your machine to conserve Energy.

First measure Energy to Manage & Minimize


  • Check your water heater: If its surface is hot or even warm, some of the energy used is being wasted. Insulator in water heater started conducting heat. Please replace insulation this costs few hundreds only.
  • The power line to Electric water heater should be adequate and the earthing at power point is a must. The plug and socket switch should be located away from water splash. The switch should not be hot to touch when switched on for many minutes.
  • In general, the ELCB in your house should be checked once in a month by its test button or as recommended by manufacturer. This routine keeps the electrical distribution healthy in your house circuit.
  • Courtesy BEE, PCRA, EB, ET sources. Thanks for visiting the site
  • To help reduce heat loss, always insulate hot water pipes, especially where they run through unheated areas. Never insulate plastic pipes. Even you find the concealed pipes are not insulated type before. Your finger can sense concealed Hot water line beneath the wall near water heater. This is invisible loss.
  • Also, we have to set our Electric storage water heater at a temperature that is 10* plus 37*C our body temperature. 47*C (instead of 60*C now). Warm water is better to health than hot water in long run & 20 % power savings.
  • A coating of undissolved salts is usually found on the inside water heater. Even 1 mm millimeter thick coating can reduce the flow of heat to the vessel’s contents. This increases your power consumption by as much as 10%. Every year before putting the heater to heavy daily use, treat the internals with chemicals and scrub it clean.
  • One 100 liter Solar Water heater can save 1500 units per house per year. Do you and your family save 1500 units yearly? If so, you have helped to avoid burning 1500 KG of coal to produce your 1500 EB units.
  • Hence sitting at your house, you can do charity to others and our nation. Are you doing it? That’s why people say Energy Conservation like Charity begins at home first and is carried to society, on roads and in our place of work. Please have the Will to Serve Nation directly and indirectly.


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