You Comfort your machine to conserve Energy.

First measure Energy to Manage & Minimize


  • Wasting water wastes electricity. Because the biggest use of electricity in most cities is supplying water.
  • Fresh water runs in flush tank of toilets in many houses.  One full standard toilet flush in the developed world uses as much water as the average person in the developing world uses in a day, i.e., for everything. Please keep in mind that water you waste today in your area is needed by many in tail end areas of water supply in your town. Global Fresh water reserves now is only 3 % & hence water is precious.
  • 1 KG of rice we eat today needs 1400 liters of water to be produced. 1 KG of wheat needs 1100 liters of water to be produced. Hence food wastage is a crime and takes all steps to prevent wastage.
  • Gold needed to produce one ring creates an average of 20 tons of toxic waste, which finds its way into the water supply. We know why our drinking water is contaminated compared to decades back supply.
  • Save one liter or more, precious water in each flushing cycle by placing a liter PET water bottle filled with water, inside the water closet system. This is easy to do.
  • Add flow restrictors into all your pipe taps where you think you are consuming more. These are not expensive, save good quantity of water, and direct the water from the tap to the point of usage.
  • Courtesy BEE, PCRA, EB, ET sources. Thanks for visiting the site
  • In your water pumps, Use right  sized capacitor near motor terminals to avoid damage to motor
  • Tighten belts and pulleys at regular intervals to avoid energy losses due to drag
  • Use foot valves of low resistance and ISI marked type to save upto 10% power
  • Use RPVC suction pipes to save upto 10% power and discharge pipes too.
  •  Please automate the level control in your overhead tank & sum. People talk of Vaasthu after wasting gallons of water overflowing from their over head tanks daily. Water is Money and that is in turn Lakshmi. Please conserve to sustain. Practical instances show where water is abused & wasted, there seems to be, detoriation of Healthiness and Happiness.
  • Throttle your primary isolation valve near wash basin, and this will coarse regulate the pressure and flow of water and you see, water just flows thin instead of splashing in your wash basin.
  • People think much of Vaasthu. It is nothing but the science of bringing in the positive energy to the premises and throwing out the negative energy out of premises. Mind you, the positive and negative energy does not come not only thro gadgets & machines only to premises, but also thro the human beings coming in and out of the premises.
  • Give comfort to others now and be comforted later. You should be like – Where ever you go (in), people are happy and you should be not like - When ever you go (out), people are happy. Who are YOU?
  • Thanks to an MLM Company, now people apply only bean size of paste across their tooth brush. Before we used an inch of paste along the tooth brush.  This paste material saving today, helped to clean our teeth better. Before, more paste & fast gobbling only, now less paste & more brushing & clear teeth.


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