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  • Please note the heavy pressure difference happens to Compressed air, only at the compressor house and at the distribution stage to the equipment and not at the header.
  • Normally, the transmission pressure drop is only half the distribution pressure drop. Hence the user gives closer look at the distribution points for leak, block and piping losses.
  • What is pressure difference daily happening at Compressor house between the compressor console and the air receiver located at the end of the compressor house discharge piping?
  • The temperature difference between outlet and inlet of refrigerated dryer say around 10 *C and outlet temperature below the ambient will decide the dryer pressure drop.
  • The temperatures at the compressor discharge, dryer outlet will indicate the compressor house is healthy and cool dry air flows in compressed air header.
  • 160 Scfm screw Compressor @ 7 bar at 45*C air outlet pumps1 Liter more water in air per hour than at 35 * C.  Hence water is a catalyst in the air header to induce more pressure drop in system. Heat, water & air form rust in air header and pressure drops.
  • What is the pressure difference daily happening at the Distribution end between the start of sub header and at the end of compressor piping before the Filter Regulator at machine?
  • The industry finds the daily differences of the above two pressures are high and varying frequently. Hence regular routine checks are done to bring down the overall pressure drop.
  • Visualize it is one KM length 40 feet road from town to town. You find a culvert 20 feet wide only, on road, at half KM from the town. You find traffic movement gets slowed first at the road, and gets choked at culvert and hence overall traffic slows down due to culvert.
  •  Likewise you have laid 4 inches compressed air header piping for 200 feet taking care not to have pressure drop of less than 0.1 kgsc. But a pipe fitting or valve or any restriction say at 60 ft distance can disturb whole compressed air dynamics & increase turbulence.
  • Hence wherever possible ring main distribution and mini air bottle at the load end will make compressed air flow to be steady and streamlined at rated flow rates.
  • What is the breakup of pressure drop from your compressor end  to load end?


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