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  • Please look into the Efficiency Column that is why people & industry opt for Electricity which gives the maximum efficiency in usage.
  • But we have to be rational in using Electricity the high grade energy to be used in High grade application in industry & domestic and not for low grade applications like boiler, kettle etc heating of water which is slow process variable.
  • That is why Govt emphasizes the industry to go in Solar Water heater for Pre heating applications and citizen to switch over to solar water heating for bathing.
  • Next comes the LPG. This is clean and more efficient than other liquid fuels & without pollution.  At home, people use LPG stove from 68 % efficiency to 73 % efficiency.
  • BEE , the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, India has formulated the Standards and Labels format. This enables consumer to buy higher star rating stove having efficiency of 73 % than low star rating of 68 % stove & stars vary from 1 to 5 stars. This star rating is available for fans, tube lights, transformers, motors, fridge etc. So a consumer, please go for 5 star rated appliances where running power cost is very less.
  • Now the industry opts to use bio mass generation where the conversion efficiency is around 60 % compared to direct burning of wood.
  • Inter Fuel substitution is one of alternatives of energy management. This option is localized and subject to the alternative fuel of equivalent calorific value availability at lower prices and abundundantly available.
  • Do you think you have got the Incoming Energy Pricing is Cheap & Best for you?


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