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  • Our beloved President Dr. Abdul Kalam (He stills presides us all towards Energy Security!) emphasizes to spend more on Energy Conservation and reducing the T&D losses. He says reducing T& D losses is an economically viable short cut to generation.
  • The cost of generation of 1 MW power  on thermal, bio mass, wind mill, solar, nuclear, hydel etc Routes vary from Few to Many Crores of Rupees. The cost of 1 MW power conservation is only less than Rs. 1 Crore. If Conservation done in the morning of the day, the same evening we are reaping the reward of Conservation Efforts.
  • Rain water Harvesting done in Tamil Nadu to start with, is an excellent Recovery type. Of the total rain fall transmitted from sky to earth, the distribution losses in Tamil Nadu from Western Ghats to Bay of Bengal was more before.  Around half of the water was drained to sea. Now thanks to rain water harvesting, significant portion of the same is recovered and the water levels have gone up in many areas in this region of India.
  • For example, the textile spinning mill is an air operated industry. Say 55 % of the power consumption goes for suction, movement, exhaust, comfort, of the raw material cotton to yarn as finished product. Now mini wind mill producers are studying the proposal how to generate from power from the wasted high velocity air in the textile mill?
  • By energy conservation in the industry, we are trying to recover the losses which go as waste in the industry. By Energy Measurement, we are drawing a line between Avoidable and Unavoidable Losses in the industry and then we are planning to minimize the same.
  • After payback period, do you feel relief & delight for conserving on that equipment?


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