You Comfort your machine to conserve Energy.

First measure Energy to Manage & Minimize

Energy Measure & control:

  • The major initiative towards ECON in the industry, what we are concentrating now is that we need to measure the Energy inputs (Electricity, fuel oil, and water and Air inputs) fed to the industry.
  •  We have to make sure; the above inputs are consumed as per industry standards. Here we find that many a parameters are not monitored. Even if they are monitored, they are not measured accurately.
  • Energy Auditing leads to Creative House keeping and this craving habit of energy recovery from all possible angles in the plant will lead us to pollution-less environment apart from cost effective production.
  •  For example apart from your regular portable power analysers, the non-contact infrared pyrometer costing around Rs.4000/- helps the user to generate records of many thermal parameters like uneven temperature, temperature gradient, etc in short interval of time. This speedy assessment is a quick tool to diagnose all abnormal Hot spots of  plant.
  •  When the roadside petrol bunk is equipped with Digital Air facility for inflating tyre, why not the industry Digitize the energy inputs at the entrance, and at the load end? This will help in the long run in accurate data reading of what energy is used & what is wasted.
  •  Presently, the digital count down LED consuming less 10 watts traffic signal (compared to old neon bulbs which consumed 100 watts each) has helped to reduce to pollution at the traffic signal. The vehicles don’t press the panic button at signal.
  •  At the signal, Out of 10 vehicles say 7 vehicles stop on seeing the count down time of above 40 sec. The remaining 3 vehicle owners are afraid to stop the vehicle because if they stop it, they are not sure whether it will start in one kick! So better to condition your vehicle engines first so that we feel comfortable when starting & driving.
  • In the industry what we see is that the inputs available at the entrance do not reach fully at the load end. This is in the case of water, air, electricity, and fuel. Though received well in the supply or generation end, any restriction at single location in the transmission line to the user area or at the distribution lines can give lot of fluctuation as well drops of values in the end usage locations.
  • Rupee-wise & paisa-unwise industry Manager has telescopic vision to anticipate the energy savings in the future years whereas Paisa-wise & Rupee -unwise Industry manager has only lens view of magnifying today’s’ expense as first cost now to look into the reduced running costs coming later.
  • The industry manager is interested to know the simple payback period for any energy efficient retrofit, but he must know that the Energy Measurement is the simple tool to assess the payback period and provide the same on first priority.
  • What steps have you taken to measure all Energy Inputs to all Load ends?


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