You Comfort your machine to conserve Energy.

First measure Energy to Manage & Minimize

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  • The cost of Electricity is going up and the Electricity is rationed now in India.
  • For almost 1 kg of coal, we get now 1 unit of electricity now.
  • Where ever you consume Electricity, pls think equivalent Kg of coal is burnt remotely.
  • The National  T & D average stands officially at 33 % and that at Tamil Nadu is 18 %
  • Please visualize how much you are losing from your Industry Entrance to load end?
  • For Example, your demand is 200 KVA, and you are given supply 20 hours per day
  • Can you maximize the use of 20 X 200 KW say 4000 units per day?
  • How much you maximum consumed per day or month for the given maximum demand?
  • The industry on an average fells short between 5 to 10 % How about you?


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