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  • Motor has become a Consumable now in industry. Is it so? Let us Accept Fact.
  • If the efficiency of the motor is going down, first the industry pushes motor from the high load factor 24 hrs X 7 day applications to low load factor less than 8 hrs X 7 day application.
  • After the industry must visualize the motor is not like 40 watt bulb which draws always only 40 watts anytime during its usage. But the same motor of say higher capacity of 15 KW size consumes from say 3 KW to 16 KW power per hour depending on the load only.
  • Here only the Regulatory Authority in India, is suggesting that any motor above 10 HP rating running 6000 hours a year must be provided with 3 phase 4 wire KWH meter to know its actual consumption and this indicates the motor’s utility value to the industry.
  • Now in the market, branded 3 phase 4 wire panel meter costs less than Rs.2000 /- only.
  • Our rational and logical thinking is to invest first in this meter before running above motor.
  • This Rs.2000 /- investment is a tool to assess how much you are losing per motor like above  figures, say Rs.10, 000/- per month. Please assess what we have lost in the bargain.
  • Please do not think how much can be recovered on this investment  on motor’s usage
  • Metering the Motor is a must at this hour of precious Electricity.
  • Please check how many motors like the above are running in your industry?


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