You Comfort your machine to conserve Energy.

First measure Energy to Manage & Minimize


  • 4 inches Water Column Pressure Differential  across Air Intake filter reduces mass flow by 1 %
  • 250 hp compressor 8000 hr running pa Air intake filter drop 10 inches WC @ Rs.4.5/unit>Rs.1.8 lac pa
  • Average inlet air temp from 38*C  to 10 * C > shows hour meter >8520 hrpa to 7759 hrpa >10 % saving
  • Drawing of dust, moisture free, fresh, cool ambient air instead of hot air in room: - duct out intake.
  • Leak test on safety, check valves & stems, threaded joints, flanges, filter, hose, connectors, moist-trap &drain
  • Leakage from ½”dia hole from CA line @ 7Kgsc makes VISIBLE LOSS almost Rs.2500/- per day
  • Leakages  around 150 scfm in Under Ground  CA  header replaced with  OH line gives  Rs.8 lac pa
  •  The loss in 7 bar Air line  quarter inch leak @ 7 bar >loss = 104 scfm  generated by  17.6kw Rs.6 lac pa
  •  The loss in 3 bar Air line  quarter inch  leak @ 3 bar > loss = 54 scfm generated by 5.3 kw > Rs.2 lac  pa
  • Hence the reason for high and low pressure air headers one for process and other for cleaning applications.
  • Reduction of  1 Kg/cm2 air pressure (8 Kg/cm2 to 7 Kg/cm2) results in 7 to 10 % input power savings
  • Using solenoid ball valves wherever required, this gives no restriction on compressed air piping.
  • Installation of after coolers before the dryers reduces the load to dryer by 70 % and hence saving.
  • Ensuring proper air /water cooling of compressor. The pressure difference across suction & discharge of heat exchanger is to be maintained. The temperature difference gives efficiency of exchanger.
  • 1mm scale build-up on condenser tubes  increases energy consumption by 40% 
  • Pressure loss / drop are a function of a compressed air system’s dynamics the interaction of airflow with the inherent resistance of the pipeline and air system components.
  •  Pressure drop causes system’s pressure to fluctuate & leads to inconsistent pressure at end-use.
  • 10 years of compressor life & 90% running in a year capital cost 5 %, Maintenance cost 5 % and very high energy costs of 90 %. This makes the overall efficiency of CA systems is 5 % only
  • The Electronic Level sensing Drain valve instead of the timer based drain valve mechanism saves around 15  % and more than that is that air to the consuming equipments is free from moisture – safety is ensured.
  • Flow through a leak is similar to an orifice in that flow is determined by the pressure before upstream of opening. The pressure drops in line supplying air to the leak based on line’s ability to support rate of flow.
  •  For example, the air flow across a 1/4" orifice at 90 psig is 94 scfm but flow through ten feet of 1/4 I.D. copper tube at 90 psig is less than 40 scfm because the pressure will drop to 35 psig in the tube.
  • An open 6 mm pipe could consume about 70 CFM of air at 5.5 bar pressure which means about entire compressed air generation of 20 HP air compressors. In contrast
  • Energy Efficient Nozzles and jets based on COANDA principle, consume only 20 CFM air at 5.5 bar pressure yet provides adequate thrust and air volume for most applications.
  • Please keep in mind the following compressor key points for operation
  • Compressor is like a Submersible pump working in air.
  • Compressor needs air to suck in, and to surround, to deliver more air.
  • Cool Compressor delivers more air.
  • Hence keep your compressor house with positive cross ventilation in a cool dry location.
  • Continuously run Compressor delivers less than an intermittently run Compressor.
  • Tune your Compressor cut-in / cutout to deliver more cool air.
  • If you really care for and comfort your compressor, you have scope for huge savings.
  • Do you some points to be highlighted from the above and put in BIG LETTERS in the Energy Notice Board in the Public Display area in your industry?
  • You have more ideas to save energy and are willing to implement more energy saving measures. But the same can be done by informing, educating the user only.
  • Your company Notice board shows how much Rupees per air consumed by user today?


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