You Comfort your machine to conserve Energy.

First measure Energy to Manage & Minimize


Lamp type

Lumens per watt

Incandescent bulbs




Fluorescent tube

60 - 100


100 – 150

Metal Halide lamps




Light intensity from sun

1, 20,000 lumen/m2

Diffused daylight near window

500 –600 lumens / m2

Make use of sunlight and Diffused lighting inside the premises as much as possible.






Incandescent lamp
Florescent lamp
Above with e-ballast
Mercury vapor lamp
Sodium vapor lamp

0.5 – 0.6
0.5 - 0.6

Induction motor

unloaded to full loaded

0.15 - 0.85



Resistance welding
Arc welding
Induction furnace

0.6 – 0.8    

Electrical furnace

Arc Furnace
Resistance Furnace

0.7 - 0.8

We have to take care of power factor of different lightings in lighting distribution.

  • The Electrical loads are classified as Heavy load, Soft load and Light loads that is lighting.
  • Now lighting trends are changing from general application to visual task oriented, let us highlight the first priority of setting lower voltage of say 200 Vac using Servostabilzer to lamps for reduced  power consumption  of   around 15  to 20 %  and longer probable burning hours, reducing the inventory.
  • More than energy saving, when we want safety of lighting in unmanned areas, we have to definitely regulate  voltage to all tube lights. That too fast correction rate of servo stabilizer is recommended.
  • Alternative approaches can also be mentioned whether servostabiliser can be used, or parallel inductance hooked on to circuit type lighting controller can be used to give regulated power input to lighting loads.
  • For example, in the Telephone Exchanges, Task lighting in the switch room is now installed at about 2.4 meter (8 feet) above the ground as against the earlier practice of 3 meter (10 feet) above the ground
  • .It has been seen during their Lighting Study that illumination level increases by 1.7 times when the mounting height is reduced. This is very much applicable to the industry.
  • From aesthetic sense of fixing at 14 feet ht, many industries have brought down to 10 and 8 feet height. Ultimately  worker is more benefited with  visual tasking.
  • When measured with lux meter, the existing T 12 tube loses light output say by 30 % in 2000 hours; this is very bad detoriation of lumens, and this poor lighting affects the worker's visual task.
  • Unless the worker complains of poor lighting and his quality of work is poor, the manager does not replace lighting. CII bulletin March 2002 PDF says reg human performance, 1 % increase in lighting improves productivity by 6 %.
  • So it is more important to know what we are buying. We have to get more output lumens for given input power. Hence any equipment please, plans to buy on output rating than input power.
  •  Do we buy 40 watts tube light with 2400 lumens output costing Rs.40 plus?
  • Alternatively, we can buy 36 watt tube with 3200 lumens costing Rs.80 plus, achieve 33 % more illumination consuming less 10 % power ONLY.
  • This is not only done in industry work-spot area, but also in the commercial, and in the office cabins where clerical working is done for continuous hours.
  • Do you think your lighting improvement has helped to improve your Productivity?


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