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  • A conventional or standard motor running at 50 % loading is operating at 70 % plus efficiency and where as the Energy Efficiency motor at 50 % loading less than 90 % and almost we get difference in efficiency of around 15 %. This is Huge Loss we face.
  • Please check whether you are loading your old type motor inefficiently?
  • First step in house – you check your average load motor to optimum efficient range?
  • If optimum loading is achieved and the efficiency is not got from the motor, then only we have to think of changing the motor, but to be implemented early.
  • The annualized energy loss per existing running motor is the tool to decide how fast and efficient we are going to make the existing motor or go in for new motor?
  • Few Air compressor OEMs fit the motor to the compressor and operate the motor at its service factor of 1.15 or even 1.2 to give best indication of KW per 100 CFM of air.
  • The user industry must be aware that they lose more in the under loading of the motor but the safety of motor is in tact. But in compressor package motors, the user industry are losing not only more power in the motor, but also the safety of motor is at stake. The motor loses its efficiency due to accelerated ageing by cycling continuously at overloading over few years.
  • In general motor, or any equipment loses more on NO load losses (Iron losses) when operated at below optimum loading levels. The same equipment loses more on Load losses (copper losses) when operated at above its optimum loading pattern. You can generalize for any equipment in industry and in our daily life too. Please experience!
  • Kindly tabulate your motors, HP, running hours, average daily loading pattern?


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