You Comfort your machine to conserve Energy.

First measure Energy to Manage & Minimize

  • Thanks to PCRA bulletins on the Agriculture sector and this is useful to us in industry.
  • What we want from the water pump is that for the given input power in KW what is output in Liters per Sec at required optimum head & you can see the savings as above.
  • The universal idea is “Make Conductors bigger and Rotators smaller in size” for energy conservation in the Pumping systems. Here the inlet and discharge piping of the pump is increased and size of the pump is reduced to achieve energy conservation on this pump.
  • Visualise instead of 30 & 40 feet roads between the towns, the roads are broadened to 60 to 100 feet roads so as to ensure to smooth flow of traffic round the clock. Also we have come down in size of cars from Ambassador to Maruthi to Nano & Reva now i.e. we have made  rotating equipments smaller to improve flow of traffic. This road exercise is good example.
  • The white PVC piping material ensures there is least friction co-efficient in pipes, compared to the GI or MS piping used before. The farmer has changed. Have you?
  • Any pump used above 3 HP which if far off from Electrical supply point has to be compensated by adequate capacitor sizing so as to improve the voltage level at pump end.
  • The Elbows in piping system increase the friction resistance to fluid. One elbow bend increases the Friction loss by 70 % compared to standard Long Bend. Hence aesthetics in piping is not important but what we want is free flow of water or fluid in piping in a streamlined flow and not turbulent and fluctuating flow.
  • Please ensure your remote pumps are protected against single phasing and overloading etc by using Electronic over load relays based on Current sensing preventors.
  • The industry & in Domestic’ is using automatic level control in tank. Once in three months, check if your bore  pump takes same minutes to fill tank, i.e. steady flow rate.
  • Are you hour meter & power metering your supply or bore pump in your industry?


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