You Comfort your machine to conserve Energy.

First measure Energy to Manage & Minimize

  • The major portion of the technical losses is attributed to the distribution losses  which is around 19%
  • Where as the contribution of transmission losses around 4% in the process plants. The symptom of distribution losses at the Electrical Incoming and at the load end is the HOT SPOTS only.
  • Infrared thermal electrical inspections give
  • Loose or deteriorated connections                                       *    Overloads and load imbalances
  • Open circuits                                                                      *     Inductive heating
  • Defective equipment                                                           *     corroded lugs & terminations
  • Infrared thermal mechanical inspections give
  •  Majority of cases - Misalignment                            *   Over and under lubrication of bearings
  • Over and under tension on belted systems               *   Excessive friction
  • Defective equipment                                               *   vibration related malfunctions
  • World class best practices indicate that up to 50% of your maintenance activity should be spent

       On condition directed tasks to replace ineffective time based maintenance.

  •  Please implement the right combination of predictive maintenance and condition monitoring technologies
  • CONDITION MONITORING   :  Infra red  or Thermal Imager readings point to : -
  • 0 to 10* C high: -    Corrective measure to take during next maintenance period.
  • 10 to 20* C high: - Corrective measure required as scheduled Maintenance permits.
  • 20 to 40* C high: - Corrective measure required As Soon As Possible.
  •  40*C and high: -    Corrective measure required immediately.
  • Units per day Reduces by correcting  Electrical Joint Losses up to Motors
  • Production per day Increases by correcting Hot Spots on the Load end.
  • Thermal Imaging Services are available now, in this region and in a day you can visualize your losses in Electrical & Mechanical side of your Energy consuming machines, process etc.


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