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  • In your industry, where do the High load factor 24 X 7 type motors stand either Premium or Rewound level and give top priority to their running cost.
  • Classify your motors based on high load factor or low load factor application.
  • First decide on the average loading of the motor per hour per day etc
  • Energy Efficient motor has flatter Efficiency rating between 55 to 95 % loading of the motor. What is our motor type and where is our motor loaded.
  • Standard motor has steep bell type curve, efficiency peaking around 75 % loading.
  • In Energy Management, buying Energy Efficient motor is half only done.
  • How efficiently we load motor is other but vital side of energy day to day management.
  • What ever manufacturer says, pls check whether his part load efficiency rated figures matches with your average operating load for the given application?
  • The motor when burnt inside in the industry has already lost its efficiency. So the Rewinding definitely cannot bring back its original efficiency. It is only the damage control exercise we are trying to do on the existing motor. Hence pls see that no motor Burnouts!
  • Hence motor is tested in Hot Running Conditions only can indicate actual efficiency that will sustain through out the motor’s life.
  • Have you tabulated your motor listing as Efficient & Corrected loaded motors?


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